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“Sacred geometry” has become a bit of a buzz word of late.

I prefer to use simple “geometry”, yes, it brings up memories of that maths teacher with the brown corduroy blazer and a coffee stain on his shirt, but geometry is the language of nature, the language the Universe, and that’s why it’s sacred. No need to add more superfluous words.

Understanding and harnessing power of geometry can have profound effects on your health, consciousness and spiritual development.

Source Code

I always see the world we live in as a simulation. The popular 90s computer game “The Sims” (I was obsessed) comes to mind. The computer algorithm is programmed from binary code (1s and 0s), however, our world is much more complicated. The source code, the algorithm, of our material and multidimension reality is geometric shapes and symbols.

See…geometry is not just some abstract lines that look pretty but have no connection to reality.

Geo = Earth

Metry = Measurement

Geometry is literally the blueprints of consciousness and energy behind all of physical creation.

Sounds a bit too esoteric? Just think about when you’ve had psychedelics or lost yourself in meditation – what do you see? Geometric forms, shapes, patterns. A veil is being lifted when you are in these states and you are seeing the source code of all creation.


Cymatics, first discussed in a book published by Hans Jenny in 1967 called Kymatic, is the study of visible sound vibration.

Rigorous experimentation shows geometric mandalas and other forms from nature created in certain substances (such as sand and water) when seemingly “invisible” soundwaves were played. Cymatics makes visible, the invisible blueprints of energy that all physical matter is manifested through; and that blueprint is based on the language of geometry.

Side note: Hans Jenny was a student of the great Rosicrucian Rudolf Steiner, so…..maybe geometry is a bit esoteric?

(Oh how I wish I had known the metaphysical implications of mathematics when I was at University!)

Ancient Structures

Of course, the Egyptians were well aware of sacred geometry – just look at the shape of the pyramids. Their structures were built with specific shape and proportions, at specific locations with specific functions; all with the aim of harnessing energy.

Some pyramids were said to be built for astral travel, others for healing. And even the hieroglyphs on the walls in some temples were shaped specifically to generate certain energy frequencies; there is a theory that this is why some of them were defaced; to stop the energy emanating from them.

Stone circles, mounds, old churches, mosques, temples can be found all around the world. These forms were not for religious purposes (as we are told), but to harness the Earth’s energy field and the ether.  This is why when you go into one of these places, they feel “sacred”. This has little to do with the religious activities going on in there (although prayer does shift energy), but more to do with the location and shape of the building. Think of the domes on mosques, the geometric patterns, the star, the cross shape of the cathedral.

How is this useful?

We live in a material that is full of manmade monstrosities that create utter disharmony with the patterns of nature. By ourselves, we cannot knock down huge skyscrapers, but we can understand and utilise the power of geometry for the benefit of our health, consciousness and spiritual development


BioGeometry, a science created by Dr. Ibrahim F. Karim, uses the energy patterns of shapes to balance biological energy systems. In 1999, a research project by Prof. Peter Mols at the Agriculture University of Wagening in Holland was carried out on an orchard of apples. One orchard used natural farming methods (i.e. pesticides). The second orchard had its frequency changed using shape, colour, angle and proportion; its yield increased, the apples rotted slower, and apparently tasted better than the conventionally farmed ones.


Ever wondered why being in nature is so good for you? Why forest bathing is a “new” health trend? Nature, undisturbed, grows in a harmonious way, hence when we spend time in nature our energy aligns with that frequency.

Modern architecture can learn a lot from the ancients. Can you imagine a world where every house you went to was built in harmony with nature? Built fluently in the language of geometry? Again, BioGeometry is demonstrating this.

Even if you can’t change your accommodation, you can create a meditative / healing space inside. Utilising the power of the circle, the pentagram or hexagram, for example.

Incorporating geometric principles can also enhance the power of your business’ logo.


As mentioned, just sitting in nature, or a sacred geometrically correct temple / building uplifts your frequency, boosting healing.

Symbols are used in many ancient energy healing techniques, including Reiki, to extract and amplify certain energies.

Crystals emit certain frequencies based on their mineral structure and are becoming more and more popular energy tools. You can harness the power of crystals even more by proper crystal gridding combined with certain geometries.


We can use the power of shapes in our meditations to alter our subtle energy bodies and bring power to our manifestations (i.e. we’re using the blueprint of the Universe to bring consciousness into matter).

I won’t go into all of the possibilities here, however, a lot of popular meditations uses the Merkaba for astral travel and connecting you to higher dimension and realms.


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