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Men and Women can NEVER be equal. Controversial statement in the age of wokeism, I know. For starters, our biology and physiology are completely different; men will always be stronger, quicker, smarter and stupider (have a look at the IQ distributions of men vs women). We may as well be different species. The phrase “Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars” comes to mind.

There is one super power that women have, however. It is one that modern religion is terrified of; one that has been completely forgotten about by the feminist movement; femininity.

The Gender Principle

Our world was created with a mix of energetic polarities. Just think of a battery, it has a negative and positive charge. Neither is good nor bad. Nature is a fine balance between these equal and opposite forces. In order for us to live in harmony we need to strive to be in the Goldilocks zone; not too hot, not too cold; a complimentary blend of masculine / feminine, yin / yang, light / dark.

The Hermetic principle of gender states “Gender is in everything; Everything has its masculine and feminine principles; Gender manifests on all planes.”

Put simply, humans have two energies: masculine and feminine. No matter if you are a man or woman, you have these two; just like the yin and yang, hot and cold.

Feminine: yin, right brain, intuition, nurture, creativity

Masculine: yang, left brain, action, logic, intellect

Unfortunately, the disruption of the precious balancing act of these two powerful opposing forces has a detrimental effect on multiple planes of existence. These polarities need to be brought into balance for the harmony of the individual and of society. I can personally vouch for this statement, embracing my femininity and discovering my feminine power, changed my world.

The Toxic Feminine

Nowadays, feminism is a dirty word. There is nothing feminine about being a modern feminist. Trying to out-masculine men to get what you want, by forcing and prostrating just doesn’t work. You can’t fight fire with a fire and expect to put out the flame.

Feminism reduces the masculine and feminine dynamic.

Just consider “positive discrimination”, it’s discriminatory (the clue is in the name). Having quotas for 50% women on a board of a company is ridiculous. If we’re all the same, treat us the same, strive for a meritocracy, raise everyone for their talents, not for their chromosomes.

I was put on a “women’s fast track to leadership” program at a national Bank that I worked at. Needless to say, I was not happy, not one bit. An email in bright pink arrived one morning congratulating me for having ovaries and breasts and half a brain…thank you. I declined the invitation, sent some constructive feedback and was soon frogmarched into my manager’s office who scolded me for passing up on “such an opportunity”. I do not wish to be promoted because of what’s between my legs, it’s much more of an achievement to be considered because of what is goes on between my ears, thank you very much.

I know that the feminist movement had good intentions. I know that male-chauvinism still exists. I know that I am in a privileged position to say all of this, and I am grateful for the freedoms I have to be able to say this. I just wish we’d all calm down a little, and look at what matters. It isn’t being resentful towards the opposite sex; nothing is achieved by pointing fingers. It is discovering how we can live harmoniously.

One final word, feminists, please pick your battles – go after the bastards who practice female genital mutilation, or the ones who tax tampons, not poor, sweet Dave from accounts who wants a promotion over his female colleague who he’s more qualified than.

The Modern Feminine

I hate to break it to you; despite what we’ve been told, women can’t have it all. It’s physically impossible. You can’t magic extra energy and time out of thin air (well you can, but that’s a future post about metaphysics).

There are multiple lost generations of women; those in their 30s and 40s who were told that they could have anything they wanted, the career, the house, the relationship, the family. They were sold a lie. They’re waking up, single, their masculinity having scared off the already emasculated men. They’ve finally come off of the poisonous hormonal pill (look it up) they were put on as a teenager and are used to getting what they want; so much so that they’re now desperately trying for a baby: IVF, sperm banks, one-night stands. They pump their faces full of God-knows-what thinking that its their fading looks behind the never-ending supply of despondent men. They fail to look deep inside at the glaring energetic imbalance inside.

I have lived dominantly in my masculine energy for most of my 34 years. I studied mathematics at University (a typically left brain subject), went on to become an actuary (insurance is a male dominated industry). I was ultra-competitive, I just had to beat the men in my spin class every morning. I had to be doing, doing, doing all the time, sod putting the brakes on and slowing down. Always achieving. Always ticking something off my to do list. Always pushing, searching. Always broken. Always tired. Always injured. Always stressed. Always single. Always headstrong. Always thinking. Always a bull in a china shop. Always controlling. Guess what? I was miserable. My connection to my femininity was non-existent.

A miracle happened in 2020; the world stopped. The ultimate opportunity, if you saw it that way, to rest and assess the internal damage. After a few months of being angry at all my personal freedoms taken away from me, I softened. Rather symbolically, I started to wear more floaty dresses (mainly because they were comfier that trousers), I bought flowers (they added a bit of variety to the mundanity of a lockdown house). I rebalanced my hormones (I took my poisonous hormonal coil out of my own body). I connected with nature on my allowable once a day walks. I meditated earnestly. My spirituality flourished. I slowed down. I was changing. I was softening. I was blooming. I was finally starting to embrace my femininity.

The Divine Feminine

That elusive beast. She’s rare, but her numbers are slowly on the rise.

She doesn’t proclaim to all and sundry that she’s a “goddess priestess queen” and demand to be treated as such.

Hers is a quiet energy. You can feel her presence when you’re in her company. She’s magnetic. Authentic. Peaceful. Compassionate. Passionate. Powerful. A graceful warrior. She glides and flows through life; trusting her intuition and creating magic at every turn.

She’s an attractor and has attracted a sisterhood of some sorts; a mystical hareem of women to draw support, wisdom, knowledge and nourishment from.

She’s independent. She’s not waiting, wanting or needing to be saved by her prince charming. She discovered, however, that the polarising effect between the masculine and the feminine is a beautiful dynamic. They complement each other perfectly. What the masculine lacks, she makes up for. And what the she lacks; the masculine makes up for. He creates a safe space for her to flourish and vice versa.

Her magical secret? She embraced and started to value her femininity. She learnt how to balance the inner feminine and masculine polarities within her. She re-evaluated the societal programming she was brought up with. She aligned her physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

A new kind of feminism

It’s not our fault that we’ve lost our feminine essence. We were programmed by a hyper masculine society to achieve, achieve, achieve, earn, earn, earn. And yes, it’s good to have your own money, freedom and sovereignty. But it doesn’t have to be the way we’ve been led to believe. We don’t have to have our health suffer. We don’t have to feel disconnected, stressed and detached. We don’t have to forgo love, love for ourselves and others. We don't have to battle nature, whether it be through trying to control our hormones, our weight or our aging faces and greying hair.

I’m not saying that we should go back to the good old days where little wifey is a good homemaker, does her house chores and gets a little pocket money for staying quiet and making the kids look presentable. Nor am I saying that we should give up making ourselves feel good by wearing some makeup (also a poison). I’m making the point that there needs to be balance, between physical men and women, and the inner feminine and masculine energies. It is a complicated balancing act. A woman’s femininity has been supressed for so long, not just by men but by themselves. The same suppression is happening with men's masculinity too.

An individual can’t change the world, but they can change their own world. You have a choice: embrace your feminine power, or keep going along as you have been. When women change, then men have to follow suit (balance has to occur in the wider society). We're that powerful. If you focus on balancing yourself, the rest just flows, magic happens. What’s the harm in trying?


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