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“The medicine of the future will be frequency medicine”. Albert Einstein


If Einstein said it, then it must be true.

“Frequency medicine”, “vibrational medicine”, “energy healing”; are all umbrella terms for a new (and ancient) healing paradigm that utilise energy frequencies to influence our wellbeing. This is a holistic approach that aims to create balance, coherence and synchronisation within the body’s dynamic energy systems.

Practices like sound therapy, colour therapy, crystal therapy, Earthing, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Medical Qigong, Qutantum Touch and Theta healing are growing in popularity within the holistic health industry, and this trend does not seem to be abating. Is this just a fad? A case of placebo at work? Or is this a real way to avoid having to go and see a pharmacist?

Everything is Energy

The hermetic principle of vibration states that “everything vibrates and is in constant motion. Nothing stands stills; everything moves”.

Quantum physics, in the last 100 years, is beginning to catch up with the ancient philosophy of hermeticism. The physicists are proving that everything in the universe is made up of particles or waves that are in constant motion (translate that as vibrating at a different frequency).

Let me break this down simply:

  1. Everything is energy

  2. Everything vibrates

  3. Anything that vibrates emits its own electromagnetic field, which is a reflection of its vibrational frequency

Tesla famously said “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” So far so good? I hope you’re feeling thoroughly reassured by the words of two renowned scientists: Tesla and Einstein.

The Senses

When I say everything is energy, I mean everything.

The 5 senses: colour, sound, smell, taste, and touch are all sensed by the brain as electrical signals. You can therefore say that a certain smell has the same frequency as a certain taste based on their frequency and wavelength.

As mentioned, colour is an energy. Anecdotally, people in red cars are more likely to be in accidents (I used to work in insurance). Pastel colours make us calmer, hence why schools are painted in certain colours. I will write about colour therapy in a separate post.

Thoughts and words have energy. Just think of the action of blushing – we can think of something embarrassing and our cheeks go pink.

Did you know that geometric shapes and patterns emit certain frequencies? There are healing temples in Egypt where the patient would sit and contemplate the shapes of the hieroglyphs on the walls. Sacred geometry is a particular special topic of mine and I will talk about this in more detail in the future.

Disease is a result of Energetic Disharmony

The condition of our body is a result of physic patterns; over time a distortion of these patterns causes disharmony and pain; failures of processes, stress, tension, gradual loss of functions.


When we have acute pain, e.g. we fall over and hurt our knee, nature signals to our consciousness to become aware of the area that is in disharmony so that the body can send its own healing energy to that area.


Energetic blockages can also be created by the mind; in other words, some illnesses and discomfort we suffer from is psychosomatic. Our thoughts and feelings can distort the harmony of our energy systems, and if left long enough it can cause problems, sometimes disease. An obvious example that we can all relate to is our digestive system not functioning correctly when we are particularly anxious, nervous or stressed.

Healing Vibes

At risk of repeating myself; everything is energy; therefore everything is affected by vibration.


Vibrational energy healing works in 3 ways:

  1. Breaking up congestion and removing energetic blockages, like a non-invasive version of acupuncture

  2. Activate sluggish functions (altering the energy frequency

  3. Allowing the energy to flow better around body so that the body can take over and do its job and reharmonise itself. This can be done just by simply altering the brainwave state of the patient such that the mind isn’t blocking the body


All of this boils down to working with and manipulating vibrational frequencies; either by using vibrational tools such as crystals, sound healing instruments, bioresonance machines; through the correct application of geometry, colour, light; through the thought patterns of the client or through the energy field of the healer themselves. Each of these methods deserve an in-depth discussion, at a future date.

A New Paradigm

The scientifically inclined, I am sure, will question some of the words I have written, however, frequency medicine is currently being used in “modern” medical hospitals around the world. Phototherapy, magnetotherapy, acoustic therapy, laser therapy, ultrasonography, thermotherapy, photothermal therapy are some examples of biomedicine techniques used today to cure illnesses and diseases; albeit using machines to generate certain healing frequencies.

Using the human biofield as a tool is much less studied, but is growing rapidly in popularity. Watch this space for new (and ancient) holistic healing techniques to be (re)discovered.


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