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Updated: Aug 13, 2023

In our earlier stage of human evolution, we were led and taught by the Guru, whom we followed blindly as they guided us on the path of spiritual development. The belief that someone perceived to be “more wise, more spiritual, more advance should always be admired and not questioned” is one that holds strong in our society to this day.

We are on the precipice of change. Religion is dead. Spirituality is gaining as we search for meaning outside of our mundane 9-5 lives. If we are to ride this new wave of awakening it is essential that we become self-aware and develop our own spiritual discernment. We still have teachers and guides on this spiritual path, but they no longer as us to give our power to them.

Beware the wolves dressed in linen

We all know that we shouldn't trust that hypocritical Catholic Priest preaching to the choir on a Sunday, but what about those seemingly awakened individuals you find on social media?

Most of these people will dress the dress, talk the talk, but once you dig a little deeper you find that they definitely aren’t walking the talk. Sometimes you can’t tell unless you meet them face to face; their media façade is that carefully crafted. The cracks soon show. There’s a guru complex holding onto them, and that hold is strong.

I have come across some “guru complexed” individuals in my time:

  • The ‘enlightened’ Indian teacher who bases all of his teachings (and mannerisms) on the cult leader Osho. He has huge daddy issues, and reads robotically from a script during his “philosophy” classes

  • The woman who’s had lots of specials on Gaia who compares herself to Jesus. She demands that her students take photos of her whilst bullying weaker individuals when they are not in the present. She’ll scream like a banshee when, heaven forbid, her PA posts a bad photograph on Instagram

  • The acclaimed hypnotherapist who regularly appears on every single health and wellness podcast. She’s jealous of her own sister, and coincidentally of any woman who is youthful and good looking in her training seminars; she will outright ignore them if they don’t bow down and glory worship her

“Do as I say, not as I do” repeatedly comes to mind. I just wish these people would get high on their own supply and practice what they preach.

The psychologist Jordan Peterson said “experience is the best teacher, and the worst experiences teach the best lessons”. I learnt a lot from these experiences, admittedly, something very different to the training course objectives. At risk of sounding cliché, I have since discovered that the greatest teacher / guide / guru you will ever have can be found within.

Know Thyself

We have been conditioned to look outside of ourselves for answers. Always searching. We’re so unsure of our intuition, that powerful inner guidance system that we all have, but just don’t know how to listen to. If we stop listening to it, it simply shuts down. The roar turns to a whisper. We become unsure of our own voice, our own heart. We’re confused, not knowing which way is north. This is why turning inwards is so important.

Socrates taught that “knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” and I couldn’t agree more. Everything is inside you. You can’t find it anywhere but inside yourself.

I believe that spirituality is the waking up from the control of the mind. It is the access point to higher wisdom and consciousness. It requires you to let go of the layers of your carefully constructed identity: the ego, the karma, the personality that you’ve been building since birth (and previous lifetimes). You are literally deprogramming yourself; by becoming aware of every single thought, feeling and action and letting them all go.

If it sounds exhausting, it’s because it is. It’s not for the feint-hearted. But this is how your soul evolves and grows; not by attending a 200 hour yoga teacher training. All you need to do is let go of all fears and programming, all the thoughts, emotions, desires and yet it is so difficult to do. The journey you experience will give you more lessons than following a “guru” ever would. If you follow this path, some of your curriculum of self-development will include:














Opening the heart

At risk of repeating myself: becoming conscious wakes you up from the control of the mind. In doing so your vision expands and you are opened up to a higher wisdom.

The Good Guides

There are some inspirational Guides and Wayshowers to help you after your journey of self-inquiry and self-discovery. These people are only guides, you still have to take responsibility and to do most of the legwork.

Despite my warnings, it’s not all doom and gloom, these magical beings do exist, they just don’t proclaim to be a guru. They lead by example, they are mature, independent conscious beings and their aims are to guide your spiritual development; not provide you with a set of doctrines to follow blindly. They are genuine, authentic and emanate love. When you find one you’ll feel it; they just glow, they are love personified. I ask, beg, hope that you hug them tight and spread their love far and wide.

Always remember, thought, that no one is above you. You are your best guru. Worship yourself. Kiss your own feet. Nurture yourself. Listen to yourself. Develop yourself. We’re all God incarnated after all.


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