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About the founder

7 years ago, if you'd told me that I would be helping people to heal I would have laughed in your face. I was an Actuary, earning well but miserably sat behind a computer, with chronic back pain. 

So started my journey into the unknown. I met an osteopath, "Magic Hands", who fixed my back using Reiki. My logical brain just had to understand how and why energy healing worked and I was soon studying various modes of energy medicine with Masters around the globe.

During my studies I was really able to appreciate the connection between physical health and our spiritual, emotional and mental wellbeing. My thirst for anything esoteric grew and I became obsessed with ancient practices, sacred geometry, magic, energy manipulation and the true meaning of our reality.

Asha Alchemy was created to help you to heal your body, elevate your consciousness, raise your vibration and open your heart.

"Magic Hands" opened the doors to a whole new dimension and I invite you to step through and explore with me.

Ashley x

Work with me


121 Energy Therapy Sessions are a combination of bioenergy healing methodologies and coaching to address the underlying reasons for imbalances in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies.


I have a lot of knowledge that I am bursting to share with you. Work with me as part of 121 "Energy School", with a specially curated bespoke metaphysical syllabus. This is for healers, aspiring healers and those with curious minds and hearts.


Explore retreats, workshops and energy healing pop-ups hosted online or offline all around the globe. I work with a range of collaborators o various exciting projects, so check back here to see ways that we can connect in a group setting.

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